Construction plans move forward for W

Lauren Trimm

News Editor

Several projects are being planned on campus in order to continue making improvements, including remodeling The W's Demonstration School and demolishing Taylor Hall and Keirn Hall.

The Demonstration School is slated for renovation. Photo by Trisha Maxey.

The Demonstration School is slated for renovation. Photo by Trisha Maxey.

The first major project is the renovation of the Demonstration School. Originally home to the state's first laboratory school for teaching, the school provided education for students in kindergarten through fourth grade as well as university students seeking degrees in education. The demonstration school was also home to the first African-American member of the W faculty in 1970.

Its last renovation was in 1975. In 2005, it was closed down. Earlier this year, The W was able to get closer to its new goal for the school: a new home for the speech-language pathology and the Speech & Hearing Center, both currently housed in Cromwell.

"It's going to mean a lot to people who attended there to see it back in good use and restored," said Nora Miller, senior vice president for administration and chief financial officer at The W.

While the demonstration school is renovated, two other abandoned buildings have been slated for demolition during Summer 2017. Built in 1959, Taylor Hall and Keirn Hall have been abandoned for years. 

A new culinary arts building will take its place. Miller said the university considered renovating Shattuck, where the department is currently housed. It was determined that it would be cheaper to demolish Taylor and Keirn and build a brand-new culinary arts facility in their place.

"It will be a good change to the campus on that side," said Miller.

Miller explained that the new facility would provide the department with the ability to host and view conferences, workshops, guest chefs and more. There would be four kitchens for learning and demonstrations.

Construction could begin as early as 2018. 

For Miller, all of the projects on campus have a lot to offer The W and its community. The campus is one of the many great things about The W, and Miller is one of many who aim to keep it that way.

"I think that we have a beautiful campus, and I think that this will help to further beautify it," said Miller.