Ask Asia: How do I get the most out of this semester?

Asia Duren


Q: It’s only a month into the semester, but I’m pretty sure I’m failing one of my classes. What do I do? – Worried
A: There are so many things you can do! First, are you actually paying attention in class? Are you completing homework on time? Have you committed enough time to studying? If you said no to any or all of those questions, you should be trying harder in the class. If the answer to those questions is yes and you are still struggling, talk to your professor. He or she can give you some guidance. If you need the class to graduate, then try and stick it out. Go to the Student Success Center on the first floor of Reneau Hall and get a tutor. If you do not need the class to graduate, talk to your professor about getting a WP and dropping the class without it counting as a failing grade. You have options. I promise this is not the end of the world. 

Q: I don’t have a car and time just drags between classes. What is there to do on campus? - Bored
A: What isn’t there to do? Get involved in different organizations on campus! The office of Student Life keeps a list of organizations where you can find your place. If you don’t want to be in an organization, you can still attend its events. There is an event happening almost every night of the week on campus. Make sure to always read The Spectator, check your email and follow multiple W organizations on Facebook and Instagram so you don’t miss out! Other options include playing Pokémon Go, hanging out in the Subway lounge just for fun or having a picnic at the gazebo. The possibilities are endless. Take advantage of the shuttle that takes people to Walmart and Kroger on Fridays. It’s a great way to get off-campus and avoid going stir-crazy. 

Q: I have a crush, but I have no idea how to ask them out. Help! – Nervous
A: The best advice I can give on this is to take a few deep breaths and go for it. I cannot tell you for certain that the person will say yes, but I can tell you that you will regret it if you don’t do it. Also, if he or she says yes, then you could be on your way to the best relationship ever just because you had the confidence to go for it!

Q: I’m a really insecure person. I feel like it is holding me back in life. How do I get over it? – Desperately Seeking Confidence
A: The first thing you need to realize is that you are not the only person who feels like this. I guarantee the person that you think is the most confident and secure and amazing human ever feels just like you do sometimes. The second thing you need to do is look in the mirror every day and give yourself a 15-second pep talk. Find five compliments to give yourself every day and repeat them in the mirror every day until you believe them. If you are having trouble coming up with compliments, come find me and I will help. I believe in this because I do it when I am feeling insecure. I do it before big exams, before I take any kind of risk (like asking a crush out) and on days where I just do not feel like enough. However, I want you to remember that you are enough and if your family, friends and significant other knew how you were feeling I guarantee they would want to help, so talk to them.

Q: What are some good study tips? - Stuck
A: I like to study in my room for a while, then study in a coffee shop, then go back to my room. If I am writing a paper late at night, I have been known to go to Applebee’s for half-price appetizers and write my paper while eating. You can also reorganize and rewrite all of your class notes and go through the book while you do it. This helps me more in math and science classes, but it could be different for you. Using colored pens is another trick that I love. It helps the notes to stand out in your head when taking a test. If I use a different color for each chapter, I usually remember the material better than I do if I write in black and white. I also like to listen to movie scores/classical music rather than popular music when I am studying so I am not tempted to start singing along.

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