Students earn community service hours with alternative spring break

Trisha Maxey

Campus Reporter

The W offered an alternative spring break April 15-17 for students to travel to Birmingham, Ala., and assist with two community service projects. 

The team prepped a retreat campsite for the YMCA and remodeled a home for Habitat for Humanity. 

Alternative breaks are usually offered during the actual break, but some conflicts arose with handbook issues this semester. Kimone Holtzman, coordinator of student engagement, acted as chaperone for the trip.   

“I really enjoy students getting connected with each other,” said Holtzman. “It is really great to see a variety of students from across campus together that you might know, you might sit next to in class, but have never really had a relationship with. You go from kind of knowing each other to really well connected by the end of the trip.”
A total of 26 students signed up to participate in Alternative Spring Break 2016. The maximum number of students allowed was 25, but a tweak in plans allowed for a higher number. 
“One student was so willing to come that she said she would drive herself and so it will be 26,” Lexi Allen, community service intern at The W, said. 

Merika Carr, a student at The W, aimed to inspire someone while on the trip. 

“I want to help in different areas, not only where I’m from or where I go to school,” Carr said. 

The students received 15 community service hours for their efforts. While the trip for this semester has passed, an alternative break is offered every semester.