Record-breaking year

Mallory Johnston


The graduating class of Spring 2015 was a milestone class for the Mississippi University for Women. The class had more degrees awarded than at any other point in the school's history.

Dr. Jim Borsig thinks the increase in diplomas issued represents students who are finishing on time and who share a common focus on the future and what they can do with their degrees once they graduate. The last three years have been record-setting for the university, and he attributes it to hard work, both from students and faculty.

"We are in the business of helping students graduate. We want to recruit, retain, and graduate students. First thing it tells me is that this is a great place to go to school, because that doesn't happen by accident. That means we have students that are focused on their academic career and also that tells me that faculty and staff are supporting them in what they're attempting to do here academically to prepare themselves for the rest of their life," said Borsig.

When asked how he felt to be a part of such a monumental class, MUW alumnus Even Trease said he is honored but also sad. He said he feels like such a high number of awarded diplomas might suggest inflation in degrees everywhere, and much like the inflation of money, may degrade the value of the bachelor's degree.

"The more people that we have with bachelor's degrees, the less each degree is worth, thus forcing some of us to not be able to get a job until we get something higher," says Trease.

That is just one person's opinion. Lorena Suidecan, a transfer student from Romania, agreed with Borsig that this is just an indication that professors at The W are attentive to students' needs. 

"I am impressed that the teachers are really learning something at one of the best colleges," said Suidecan.