Frugal fall fashion

Jessica Barnett

Online Editor

In a world where most of our money is spent on books or bills and our energy is spent on getting that homework assignment turned in on time, fashion can take a backseat. Thankfully, this season, the old is new again, and a great outfit can be thrown together with very little effort or expense. 

"You can just wear jeans and Chucks, and it won't be a terrible fashion faux pas. You can start to wear plaid again. You can even raid your dad's wardrobe and start to wear his sweaters or roll up the sleeves on his plaid shirts. Very 90s Seattle of all of us," explains Mia, a Philadelphia, Penn., drummer who is excited to see the grunge look of her youth re-appearing on the runway. 

However, grunge is not the only trend being discussed among fashion experts. Liz McDowell, a self-made beauty guru, explained that while casual and distressed is going to be popular, other styles will still be a hit. McDowell says that, "floral print and tunic-type shirts are going to make this fall one of the most fun [seasons] to get fashionably prepared for."

When it comes to make-up, McDowell says thick and natural-looking brows are replacing artificially-enhanced lips, but she is most excited for strobing to replace contouring. "Strobing is highlighting and blushing to get more of an ethereal, dewy look," she explained. "It will be more of an everyday ladies' look."

For students who want to do a little shopping without breaking the bank, Deep South Pout's Carson Taylor suggested getting a few key pieces that can be worn in a variety of ways. "For example, I would say get a good pair of flare denim, a white V-neck top, denim vest or jacket, a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans and some neutral-colored booties! All of these pieces can be worn interchangeably and can really amp up your wardrobe." Taylor showed love for the return of suede, as well. "You can't go wrong investing in something suede this season!" 

All three women were in agreement that getting in style could be achieved without spending much money.

"I recommend to shop Torrid, Vibrant, and rue21. Colourpop is one of my favourite make-up brands, and I am especially excited about their fall collection," said McDowell.

No matter where you go or which trend you embrace, Mia had one final summary of the fall trends for students everywhere: "Comfort is back in."