Chasing Dreams: Spring graduates who plan to change the world

Joanna Frye


Graduating from college is an exciting time. It is the time when students plan for the future and prepare for a full-time career. Seniors are chasing their dreams and hoping to impact those around them. Here are three seniors who plan to bring change to their areas of study.

Bill Edmonson, Business Administration

“My plan is to get a job in Columbus to work in sales or finance. I want to impact people through wherever I work. It is mostly my faith that has really big impact on me. I want to show that same compassion for other people and to take myself out of easy situations. I want to be willing to do things out of your comfort zone.  If you continue to do things that are the same you do not grow as a person.

“I have applied to a couple of places. I put a lot of trust in my faith. I try to keep my mind clear and to put all of your burdens on Him. I plan to go to graduate school from a year or a year in half from now. I need to work and to take off of school. I would give advice for upcoming graduates, enjoy your time here and don’t limit yourself to doing the same things. Branch out and talk to new people. It gives you a better perspective to adjust and to grow as a person.

Rebecca Hicks, Culinary Arts

“Right now, after graduation I have a job lined up in Fairbanks, Alaska during the summer months. It is really in the middle of nowhere.  I would be working at Cold Foot Camp. It is like a truck stop for researchers and oil drillers as they head to the Arctic Circle.

“In the long run, I plan to save money to settle student loan debt, acquire a catering position or to go back to school to get masters in teaching and to teach southern cooking techniques.

“I would like to make it out of the country.  Ideally though, I want to go to Iceland, but I think that would be super unique. Everybody eats. So, if I could find a job maybe baking in Iceland. It would be a good resume builder. My big dream would be to work in the service industry. If I could get paid, I would love to make food for the homeless or for disaster relief area.”

Sadhana Thapa, Women’s Studies

Thapa plans to change her home country of Nepal.

“After I graduate, I want to work for one year in a related field of my study. My plan is to work in the operational practical training. As an international student, I am allowed to work one year. My plan is to work for a humanitarian project in Washington D.C. I have applied to a couple of organizations, which is focus on women and children making their lives better. The education that I have received really is very beneficial for me. In 2016, I plan to go to graduate school George Mason in Virginia, but if not, I have other options.

“My ultimate goal is to help my people in Nepal. The first thing that our people are deprived of is education. Women don’t have access of education.  I hope to help at least 100 women to get educated. Then they can teach others. Education is connected to everything. I am planning to start helping in my hometown, but I don’t want to be limited to my own people. I believe in humanity and it is not limited to your own people.  Right now, I work with RESECT, which stands for Rural Educational Social Environmental Conservation Team.  It is a brand new organization. As long as you have clear vision, it will save you time trying to decide what path you are supposed to go on.”