Cross Culture at the W

Velvet Case

Religion Editor

Cross Culture is making a difference on the W campus through its lunchtime Bible studies and other outreaches

Cross Culture meets every Thursday at noon in Carrier Chapel for lunch and a short Bible study. Students said they find this time to be a refreshing break between their classes.

"The middle of the day is such a great time for friends around campus to meet up, unwind, fellowship together and study the Word," said Steven McIntosh, a biology major. "I just love being a part of it every week!"

Cross Culture was founded in the ‘90s by Dr. Elaine Evans and her sister. Michael Dodson, a biology instructor, has been the student organization advisor at Cross Culture for almost five years.

The organization was originally called the Christian Student Center.

The name "Cross Culture" expresses to students that those who participate in this organization desire to live a life focused on the Cross.

"Cross Culture is an on-campus Bible study that focuses on studying and discussing the Bible to help us live more Cross-centered lives," said Dodson.

Cross Culture keeps its beliefs simple and straight to the point. The group believes that what the Bible says is true, and those who attend purpose to live according to the Word.

Students at the W do the majority of the sharing during Bible studies, which enables them to learn from each other.

"Every Bible study, I get to see how the Word applies to my life right now," said Ciara Peoples, a mathematics major.

Cross Culture's mission is to be a place where students may freely talk about the Bible with anyone who desires to listen.

Longer Bible studies are held throughout the semester on Thursday evenings in Carrier Chapel or on Sunday evenings at Subway.

Cross Culture focuses on specific topics and chapters from the Bible, and students discuss how the Word applies to their lives.

Students who are already involved in Cross Culture know that it is acceptable to come late or leave early, because even just a short amount of time being with other Cross Culture members will be a good time.

"We want anyone to be able to come sit with us and learn from the Bible," shared Dodson.

All religious and non-religious backgrounds are accepted by Cross Culture. A student can just come to hang out with the other attendees.

The atmosphere is such that even students who are not use to being in a church setting will feel comfortable and welcomed.

"There's always delicious lunch available to grab, so what do you have to lose by stopping by for a few minutes?" asked McIntosh. "Come hang out with us some time; we'd love to just say hi and make ourselves available to you!"