Blue Line Shakespeare’s production “Twelfth Night” delayed

Daysha Humphrey

Campus Editor

MUW’s theater department has moved the date of its “Twelfth Night” production to April 23-25.

“Twelfth Night” is a romantic comedy by William Shakespeare that Blue Line Shakespeare is presenting. It was originally due to be presented Jan. 23-25. Blue Line Shakespeare is MUW’s first Shakespeare festival and is a result of alumni working with the theatre department to share their love of Shakespeare.

David Carter, chair of the theatre department, said that it had to be pushed back because of an unexpected circumstance with the director of the play.

“We had to postpone it because the director had a sudden family tragedy, which is all I can really say,” Carter said. “It was unavoidable.”

Carter explained that the director and one of the lead actresses are sisters and had to leave the production. They are currently trying to find a new director.

“I think we have a new director, but I’m not going to say who yet,” Carter said.

The cast of the play has already been set. Candace Monteith, a junior theatre major from Southaven, Miss., talks about her role in “Twelfth Night.”

“I was playing officer in the ‘Twelfth Night,” but nothing is set in stone anymore,” Monteith said.

Besides “Twelfth Night,” the theatre department is scheduled to have another play this semester. Carter talks about the department’s upcoming play, Dr. Seuss’ “The Cat in the Hat.”

“It is part of the Columbus Arts Council Young People Artist series. Five thousand students will get to see it, and then we will have one public performance for the school and for the community which will be held Feb. 26,” Carter said. “It’s six shows. Five shows will be for the school system, and the last show that night will be for the public. It’s almost like a circus performance, not a lot of dialogue but lots of juggling and unicycles and things like that.”

Chris Ambrose, a senior theatre major, explains what he does in “The Cat in the Hat.”

“My role in the play will be the fish,” Ambrose said.

Monteith also explained her role in the play.

“I’m the makeup designer/technician, and I’m also co-hair designer/technician. I'm also kitten one and understudy for Sally and the fish,” Monteith said. “This is the second show I've done here. I’m really excited about performing for a whole crowd of kids.”

“Twelfth Night” and “The Cat in the Hat” are the only two shows that are being hosted at MUW for the spring semester for now. In addition, there will be a Shakespearean Themed Improv Show along with the “Twelfth Night” play.

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