Stark Recreation Center to offer a variety of activities this spring

Joanna Frye


This spring semester the intramural sports program will be an exciting time to get involved on campus. Intramural sports are open to students, faculty and staff.  A new sport this semester is powerplay eclipse, which involves a combination of volleyball and tennis.

“We organize a variety of sports for the student body. Students can come out and have fun by playing a sport,” said Coach Rita, Director for Intramural Sports.

Intramurals has planned to host multiple sports, including 3-on-3 and 5-on-5 basketball tournaments and a billiards tournament. Other sports include a 5-on-5 indoor soccer tournament and an ultimate Frisbee tournament.

For students not interested in intramurals but looking for an activity, the rec. center has powerplay nights on specifically scheduled nights. The sports are basketball and eclipse, and are pickup games, not counting towards the intramural scores.

Students will also have a chance to learn a fun new sport as well. International students will have a day to show students how to play cricket this semester, with a tentative date set for Apr. 10.

The semester will close out with an all-star basketball game against players from the Columbus Air Force Base on Apr. 7 and the annual All Day Ball Day on Apr. 24.

For a full schedule of events, stop by Stark Rec. Center or visit their page on the W’s website.