Student Success Seminars Aim to Motivate Students

Joanna Frye


This spring semester offers opportunities for students to broaden their horizons. The Student Success Center is reaching out to the student body as a whole, with six seminars planned for the remaining course of the semester.

“We want to develop the students the best we can inside and outside of the classroom,” said Dr. David Brooking, director of the Student Success Center. “The sessions are entertaining, informational, educational, but should not boring.”

“The first session I attended was ‘AP Academy.’ It was useful to get cool apps that helped with your education process.  I will attend the ‘Chill Out’ session’s yoga and meditation in February,” said Alex Black, a junior in pre-nursing.

The month of February is about chilling out. Meditation and yoga sessions will help students manage stress levels. The sessions will be located in Stark 202.

March offers educational sessions about career planning and tips.

“Finish in Four: 640 Days” is an event about the number of days you spend in class. It teaches students to finish their degree within four years and get a job faster. Students will learn to maximize their time and money in college.

“The main thing I will speak on are the financial benefits for students to finish in the four years. Students should take 15 hours per semester. An extra year to two years can add additional loan debt. Secondly, we want to make sure students have accurate advising during the time in college,” said Nicole Patrick, director of Financial Aid.

“We are partnering with the SGA and are hoping for a big turnout,” said Brooking.

“Career Readiness” prepares students with skills on creating a resume, interview skills, etc.

“Is it a job you need? Find one Indeed” is another session that teaches students how to navigate and how to post credentials on the website.

The final session, “Insta-career: Leveraging Social Media for Jobs,” offers students the skills they need to use social media to find a job. It will take place on April 1.

There are plenty of opportunities for students to learn and grow from these sessions. The Student Success Center hopes to provide a way to learn skills and tips students can take with them for rest of their careers.