Feedback Frenzy Party Offers Students Opportunity to Voice Their Opinions About Food

Tevin Arrington

Senior Writer

The Student Government Association and Sodexo Dining Services are planning to host an event in McDevitt Hall called “Feedback Frenzy Party.”

The party will present students with the opportunity to voice their views about the food in the cafeteria, while encouraging students to take the dining services survey while at the event.

Every semester, Sodexo administers a survey to solicit feedback from students on how the service in the cafeteria can be approved.  Allen Johnson, manager of Hogarth Dining Services, noticed that only a small percentage of the student body participates in these surveys.

He wanted to change that, so he paired up with the SGA by reaching out to SGA president Sade Meeks during a meeting. Over the course of several months Sodexo and SGA have been collaborating with one another.

“I reached out to SGA and was like ‘Hey, I do this survey every semester, and I don’t always get a lot of participation. Let’s work together and figure out what we can do to get as much of the student body’s voice as we can possibly get,’” said Johnson.

From there, the SGA came up with the name “Feedback Frenzy Party” during one of their executive boards meetings and proposed the idea for an event that will spark student interest.

The party will be held in McDevitt Hall, so students can take the survey while at the party.

According to Austin Rayford, students can expect a night of fun and refreshments. There will be a buffet of food catered by Sodexo for students to enjoy at the event.

Student will also have a chance to win raffle prizes. The prizes will include free flex dollars and free gift cards to various places around Columbus.

Johnson is expecting a major turnout, and students are already excited about the event.

“I think this will be a great event, it’s an opportunity for students to speak out about the food we eat in the cafeteria, which is one of the main things that really makes students stay on campus,” said Andrew Murashi, an international student from Rwanda.

He feels that Sodexo has tried its best to meet his needs and desires.

“Compared to the schools that I’ve been to, they really listen to our concerns actually, which really surprises me,” said Murashi.

The event was to be held Feb. 18 at 6 p.m., but it has been postponed until a later date. A final decision on the new date for the event has yet to be confirmed.  Although Johnson believes Thursday, Feb. 19, will be the new date for the party, look out for information concerning the new date and time.