TVA gives MUW $150,000 for energy savings

Liz Bosarge


The Tennessee Valley Authority congratulated The W with a check for $150,000 on Nov. 12 for completion of its energy project in the Harvey Cromwell Communications Center.

The project started about three years ago when The W entered an energy-savings project with TVA and Columbus Light and Water. TVA agreed to partially fund renovations to reduce energy usage in the building.

Cromwell serves as home to the campus radio station, campus newspaper, Department of Communication and Department of Theatre. With an HVAC system that had not been updated since its original construction in the 1970s, Cromwell had become one of the most expensive buildings to keep open. The W gained help from TVA to ensure that temperatures were easier to maintain and heating and air conditioning systems were less likely to malfunction.

"This has been a great program, and we are thankful to The W," said Chad Wilson, a project manager with TVA. "The projects they did here will reap the benefits for years to come."

Dr. Jim Borsig, university president, thanked TVA and Columbus Light and Air for the great partnership they have in making The W energy-efficient. He also thanked Nora Miller, senior vice president and chief financial officer, and the campus building committee for their commitment and leadership.

"The university has been committed to [this project] for quite a while," said Borsig. "This has been a really good project for us here in Cromwell."