Staff Spotlight: Angenette Frazier

Joanna Frye

Managing Editor

Angenette Frazier is the head clerk at the W post office. She greets students and faculty with a welcoming smile at the window, but she took a break to discuss her role at the W and future educational plans with us.

Q: What is your role here at the W?  

A: “I’m the head clerk at the post office. I put up the mail, sort mail, oversee part time workers, student workers, requisitions ─ I do just about everything.”

Q: How long have you been working here?

A: “I’ve started off part-time. Actually, in total, five years. I came here part-time in 2010.  I started full-time in January 2012.” 

Q: Have you seen any changes with the post office through the years?

A: “We have grown a lot with customer service. There has been changes with us not being able to do certain things.” 

Q: What do you enjoy most about your job?

A: “I enjoy being around students, staff and faculty. I enjoy talking to people. I enjoy making people’s day. There are some students that come up there, and they just have a bad day or they may be going through things. And they will come up to the post office, just a smile, saying, ‘Hello, how are you today?’ ─ I enjoy doing that.” 

Q: Do you have any advice for students who have a W box?

A: “Always be mindful of what you are sending and what you getting. Because we do have things that come from off campus and people will be like, ‘Who sent this? What is this?’ Also, to make sure they address their mail correctly.” 

Q: Do you have any connection with the W previous to working here?

A: “No connection at all. I did have a niece that attended here.” 

Q: Where did you graduate?

A: “I am from West Point. I came here to Columbus my last year of high school and graduated from Columbus High School. I took some community college classes, but I didn’t finish. I am planning to finish my degree at The W.” 

Q: What major would you like to pursue?

A: “I want to do nursing. I love helping people. I really want to pursue going into nursing. I felt like this is in my heart that I would be great at doing.” 

Q: When do you plan to enroll?

A: “I am planning to enroll at the W very soon. Hopefully, within the next year. Take some classes. I would have to start slow, because I work full-time. And I have a small family right now. I want to raise them.”