Spectator Sound-Off: What are your plans for Christmas Break?

Dylan Scott


With finals right around the corner, students all across campus are busy hitting the books and studying. In this edition of Spectator Sound-Off, we asked students what they plan to do once finals are over and the winter holidays have begun.

Q: What are your plans for Christmas Break?

“This year I will be visiting my significant other in Tennessee, and I’ll be doing that for a week during January, and it’s going to be great.” ─Gabrielle Lestrade, sophomore, English and creative writing major

“Well, of course, I’ll probably get some money from my grandmother beforehand, so that I can actually buy decent gifts for people, so that’ll be nice, cause I like buying gifts for people.” ─Micah Shiers, junior, communication major

“I’m gonna work and hopefully save up to buy an Elf on the Shelf.” ─Trisha Boone, junior, communication major

“Working and eating all Christmas break.” ─Creda Morgan, sophomore, kinesiology major


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