Mission Improvable provides on the spot laughter for The W

Ryan Savage


The Student Programming Board hosted an event on Nov. 10 in Nissan Auditorium featuring a traveling improvisation group known as Mission Improvable.

Mission Improvable stars actors who pretend to be secret agents who travel around to bring laughter out of random “missions.” The agents play games and create scenarios on the spot out of the suggestions made by the audience. The group would first call out which game was going to be played and then take suggestions from the audience that contained random and wacky answers throughout the night: including scuba diving in mashed potatoes with an air tank filled with cheese flavored mustard.

“It was phenomenal,” said Josh Herrick, a freshman history major. “I loved every second of it. The improv was spot on. [I] didn’t believe they would get Donald Trump, but they did. But yeah, it was amazing.”

Allison Jones, a junior theatre major, had a good review for the actors. 

“It was good [and] it was funny,” said Jones. “You could tell that they had good camaraderie together. They knew their partners in the scene even though it was an improv show and everything was made up on the spot. They had a good relationship with each other that connected on stage well that made it work.” 

Jones also took a part in one of the games.

“I was nervous, and then when I heard I was doing the part of moving people, I was like I can do this. And then when they said spider twerking… and then things got weird. But it was fun. I felt like there was things I could have done, but I didn’t want to make them uncomfortable. And so that was the entire time, I was just like don’t – don’t make these poor boys do something weird,” said Jones.

The Mission Improvable group was also exited to be here.

“We love traveling all around, so anytime we get to a new place – I’m pretty excited. This is my first show in the state of Mississippi,” said Kevin Branick, A.K.A. Agent Aerospace.

The group left that night and headed to its next destination in Oklahoma for a show the very next night.