Oktoberfest takes over The W

Toni Burkett


The W hosted its annual Oktoberfest on Oct. 16 at Shattuck Lawn.

Oktoberfest was free to attend, though many of the games and activities required tickets. Tickets could be purchased for 25 cents each. Many organizations participated in the event. 

The occasion was open to the public and drew in a large crowd of participants. Children aged 12 and under were invited to compete in a costume contest. The Elite Modeling Squad was one of several campus organizations to give a live performance at the event.

Many of the organizations that participated had food at their booths. While some booths stuck to a carnival theme with candy apples and popcorn, other booths offered alcohol-free “mocktails” and food from around the world.

Other festivities at Oktoberfest included getting henna tattoos or being sent to a fake jail cell. People also had the opportunity to hire members of the Rogue social club to annoy a person of the patron’s choosing. 

Participants could even pie a BKT member in the face. There was a booth that showed the effects of smoking. In order to do so, a healthy pig’s lung, as well as a “smoking” pig’s lung were inflated beside one another. A raffle was set up to give away gift bags filled with Frisbees, phone chargers, shirts and more. 

Money earned from the event was given back to the social clubs and campus organizations involved.