Dining Services hosts s'mores event for students

Frederick L. Brown


The W's Dining Services tried out something new recently by offering s'mores, a popular campfire treat, in the cafeteria and selling them for $2 each.

Lakeydra Walls, marketing coordinator of Dining Services, said the additional charge for the s'mores bar was to cover the cost of extra ingredients. Only 27 students participated in the s'mores event, which was less than hoped. Still, Walls said she was pleased with the popularity of the s'mores.

Walls said her initial idea for the event was to allow students to roast their own s'mores around a fire pit. 

"I was aiming for more of a social event," said Walls.

Earlier this semester, Dining Services held another event called "Barbecue and Blues," which featured ribs and barbecue chicken. A third event has been announced for November.

Alan Johnson, general manager of dining services, said that his department gets data from college campuses around the country regarding new trends and what types of special events or foods that students might enjoy. 

"Any input that's good input will help us serve the students better," said Johnson.

Students are encouraged to check out future elite events with dining services. Student participation in these occasions are the best source of feedback for dining services. Dining Services also allows students to leave a comment in a suggestions box within the cafeteria.