MUW ranked one of the best regional universities

The polls are in, and MUW jumps to No. 18 in the rankings for best public Southern regional universities according to U.S. News & World Report. There are several factors that were considered in these rankings. Some of these factors included the Alumni Association, the all-around success of the university and a survey that students and faculty completed

“The increase is due to the growing perception of what our students, staff and faculty accomplish here,” said Dr. Jim Borsig, MUW president. “A heavy component of rankings is based off of what our peers think of the institution, graduation rates and the success in our students.”

Being ranked so highly while also having one of the most affordable tuitions in the Southern region says a lot about MUW and what the institution has to offer.

“We have always been an institution that has a very good value proposition,” said Borsig. “All of our programs that can be accredited in their discipline are accredited. We have very good value on our tuition and in this day and age, it has benefitted us to keep our tuition affordable and to make sure that students have access to our university.”

MUW was also ranked No. 14 for being veteran friendly. The institution is always looking for accommodations and modifications for veterans to return to school. MUW is one of earliest to wave non-resident tuition for veterans. The application process has also been modified and made more accessible for veterans to attend the institution.

Receiving this kind of recognition at MUW is also great for the city of Columbus, Miss., as well.

“Those who know us know what a high quality institution that we are. But these rankings from outside groups will bring us to the attention of others who may not have looked at us because they don’t know who we are,” said Borsig. “That is the value of the U.S. News & World rankings is that it helps place us in context with other universities in the country.”

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