What do You Think about Death?

Velvet Case

Religion Editor

Is the thought of dying intriguing, horrifying or exciting? Is death something that should be feared? Even though college students are just starting their lives, the thought of dying comes to everyone.

Some people have dreams of dying young. Others imagine living a long life on earth.

Most people do not like talking about death because no one knows exactly what dying will be like.

Memories, religious beliefs, culture, movies, books and life experiences can affect one's view of death. Students were asked to comment on this topic that is rarely discussed.

"I have no fear of death because I believe that through the blood shed by Jesus, I will have eternal life, but at the same time, I long to live as long as possible," said Cassidy DeGreen, and undecided major from Birmingham, Ala.

"I believe that it is a bittersweet beauty. It causes much pain, but in some cases, relief. It's completely a spiritual opportunity to know what your God has promised, but only when it is time. Premature death is a supernatural event allowed by God but orchestrated by the devil and humanistic free will, but all in all, it's bittersweet,” said Christa Ferguson, a psychology major from Jackson, Miss.

"Death is fascinating and mysterious. I can't wait to die so I can explore what is unknown,” said Austin Rayford, a communication major from Clinton, Miss.

"My main beliefs fall more under Buddhism and Wicca. I believe death to be a stage we all must go through. Then depending on how you lived your life previously will effect how you are reincarnated,” said Jordan Rauhoff, a studio arts major from Columbus, Miss.

"Death is kind of scary to me. They say there is life after death, but when I see someone's lifeless body, I can't help but wonder what if that is it," said Robert Perkins, a business management major from Leland, Miss.

"I think that if you know Jesus, death on earth means eternal life in heaven. If you know that Jesus is the son of God, and he died for your sins, and you believe in him, and live in obedience to him, death is just a transition from earth to heaven,” said Mary Bullard, a speech-language pathology major from Florence, Miss.