Faculty Spotlight: Dayla Raths

Reagan Graham

Campus Editor

Columbus, Miss., is home away from home for Mississippi University for Women’s newest resident director, Dayla Raths. She is here at MUW as a full time resident director after graduating from Roanoke College in Salem, Va. She received her bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing and a minor in Spanish. Raths explained how she landed an opportunity at MUW and how it has changed her life.

Q: What lead you to MUW?

A: “I had found out about this [resident director] position online, and I liked that it was a small school because it’s the kind of school that I went to. I was excited to receive a phone call about the job because I had done a lot of research on the school and was very interested. The entire interview was really causal and fun. I knew I would fit in here.”

Q: What has been the most rewarding part about being a resident director?

A: “I love working with college-aged students and the community planning. We’re always thinking of ways to get students involved on campus, especially on the weekends. Like this weekend, we have Family Day planned for students to bring their parents and families to campus, and we have several events planned for that.”

Q: What do you miss most about Salem, Va?

A: “What I miss most about Salem is the mountains because my school was down in a valley, and all around the school was the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was great to see everyday, especially during fall when all the leaves change.”

 Q: What advice/motivation do you have for current students coming from someone that has earned a degree?

“I’ve realized that around here everyone is very school/work oriented which is really great. But I think to de-stress more often is really important. I’ve noticed with a lot of my resident advisors and my students that are working nonstop. You just need to take the time to think about yourself and relax. An R.A. and I were comparing it the other day to the concept if a plane is going down, you’re told to put the mask on yourself before you help others. We need to think about it that way and focus more on ourselves.”

Q: What kind of influence has MUW had on your life?

A: “It’s given me the opportunity to have the job that I really want. It’s interesting to see the difference between a public school and a private, liberal arts school. I’ve also met so many new faces, people, and ideas that I don’t think I would have been able to get that from a similar setting that I was in. Everyone I have met here has been very, very nice.”