London Fashion Week is here

Antonio Small


Now that New York Fashion Week is over, we now have London Fashion Week to watch out for.  Everyone who is anyone will be in attendance at this great week in fashion, which starts this week.

London Fashion Week is a clothing trade show held in London twice a year, in February and September. Organized by the British Fashion Council, Fashion Week is the place to be.  There are three other big fashion weeks around the world, along with London Fashion Week, and they are New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week.

Although I have a hectic schedule this year, it is still important to me to catch a glimpse of what is debuted in Fashion Week.  Being fashion forward and updated on the latest trends is a plus.

London Fashion Week live streams are watched from 190 countries worldwide.  More than 5,000 people are expected to attend Fashion Week this year, and that is just an estimate.  This year there are expected to be 82 designers on the schedule, and 58 catwalks shows and 24 presentations will take place over five days.

The purpose of London Fashion Week is to not only showcase different designers, but to become the world’s leader in creativity, business and innovation.  This is why the British designer community pushed to forward sales and increase its profile on the global stage, so by innovating digitally and thinking outside the box they hope they will continue to achieve this goal.    

I stopped and asked a very stylish friend of mine, Rakeem Daniels, how he felt about London Fashion Week.

“Having lived in London, being able to have access to what’s trending across the pond really helps me stay open to ideas. London Fashion Week has definitely been a source of inspiration for this,” said Daniels.

Remember to always be open to new ideas with fashion.  While we may think something is stylish and trending, there may be a trend that may be catch your attention somewhere else.