MUW sees enrollment growth in several academic areas

Daysha Humphrey 

Senior Writer


MUW enrollment for the 2014-2015 school year is higher than in recent years, and some degree programs on campus are experiencing an unexpected a surge in their numbers.


The 2,697 students enrolled this fall make up the largest student population in more than 10 years. The university saw a 13 percent increase in transfer students, with many of those students coming from community colleges.


The College of Business and Professional Studies was one of the colleges that saw a major increase in enrollment. A report given on campus earlier this semester noted that there are 129 new students in the college this fall.


The three academic departments of the College of Business and Professional Studies — the Department of Business, the Department of Legal Studies, and the Culinary Arts Institute — all experienced an increase in enrollment.


Dr. Scott Tollison, dean and professor of the College of Business and Professional Studies, said that the outcome was because of leadership.


“It has been a result of the wonderful and supportive leadership provided by the president and his team, the direction of our chairs, the support of our college staff and the high-quality educational opportunities made possible by the region’s finest teaching faculty,” said Tollison. “The miles driven, the frequent contacts, the unwavering hospitality and the relentless effort of our Office of Admissions also has been a key in helping spur our growth.”


In addition, Tollison explained how to maintain the enrollment increase in his departments.


“This year, we are excited to strengthen these relationships we have forged with Mississippi’s community colleges. Whether it be acceptance of career and technical credit or online degree opportunities, we are fortunate to provide degree pathways for transfer students from the nation’s oldest and strongest community college system.”


The College of Business and Professional Studies offers a number of undergraduate majors, including Culinary Arts, business administration, public safety administration, legal studies and a graduate program in global commerce that has been offered since 2013.