Tandoori Oven brings Indian Food to Columbus

Charlie Benton


Although it is delicious, Indian food has not really caught on here in the South. This is a shame because at its best, it is a vibrant, diverse and flavorful cuisine. However, things are starting to change, and we now have our very own Indian restaurant here in Columbus.

Tandoori Oven is located at 506 Highway 45 N in Columbus. The weekday lunch buffet lasts from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., and is $8.99 Wednesday through Friday and $6.99 Monday and Tuesday. Menu service begins at 5:00 every evening except Monday, when the restaurant is closed.

Most of the food was very good with standouts including the chicken vindaloo, which was spicy, warming and perfectly cooked. The palak paneer, which was creamy and gentile, was a good break from the heaviness of some of the other dishes. The tandoori chicken was also very good. It wasn’t dry, and it had plenty of the smoky flavor that dishes cooked in a tandoori oven should have.

The atmosphere and service weren’t bad. The waitress was nice and attentive throughout the meal and did a good job keeping up with the guests. The décor definitely evokes exotic imagery. There was Indian decorations throughout the restaurant and liberal use of bright colored drapery. The skylights, which provided most of the light in the restaurant, was also a nice touch.

My main issue with Tandoori Oven is that the place seemed a little run-down. It’s in an old motel so it is kind of understandable. However, some fresh paint and a deep cleaning could go a long way. Also, the mango lassi didn’t taste very strongly of mango, and the naan bread was a little scorched. Another problem with this restaurant is that their website is not very well made and desperately needs to be proofread.

Overall, I would give Tandoori Oven a seven on a scale of one to 10. Go there, enjoy it, but be aware that better Indian food exists.