Alumni Weekly

Daysha Humphrey



Anstacia Doughty is a proud alumnus of Mississippi University for Women. She talks about how her she was able to become more outgoing during her time at the W. She also explains what the W taught her as a college student, why she chose to go the W and other questions about the university.

Q: When did you graduate and what was your major at MUW?

A: “I graduated in December of 2013 with a degree in general studies.” 

Q: How was your experience as a student at MUW?

A: “My experience as a MUW student was very interesting, to say the least. I met different people that introduced me to different things here.”


Q: What did the W teach you as a college student?

A: “The W has taught me as a college student to challenge myself, make time for my studies and to be involved in everything you can.”


Q: What were your goals here at the W, and how did you accomplish them?

A: “My goals here at the W was to become more of an extrovert, and my goal was somehow achieved because I did things I didn't do while in high school, which was talk more to people (I am very shy).” 


Q: Why did you choose to attend the W?

A: “MUW wasn't my first choice, but I transferred here after my sophomore year at my first college because I felt it was more convenient. While I was in high school, MUW showed me everything I wanted in a college, but I wanted to be away from home so that's where I went first. Coming to MUW was the best thing I could have done.”


Q: What all do the W offer?

A: “MUW has offered me great friendships that I can carry along with me forever, a great alma mater that I can tell my children how much I loved, and, last but not least, a great education which I will take forever with me.”


Q: Any advice for students who currently attends the W?

A: “Join social clubs, do intramural sports and go to chicken day in the café on Tuesdays! Also, make great grades, study hard and please don't procrastinate. Have fun because these four to five years will go by so quickly.”