Grant will help MUW improve skills of local middle-school math teachers

Zac Carlisle 

Copy Editor


MUWs Department of Education recently received a $90,000 grant to help local math teachers improve their teaching ability.


The grant, known as “No Child Left Behind, Improving Teacher Quality,” will be used by the department to conduct a four-week summer program for 20 local middle-school math teachers. This program will take place from June 2-27.


The main goal of the program will be to help the teachers adjust to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.


“This grant provides $90,000 in funding to train, assist and provide instructional materials to local mathematics teachers as they restructure their curriculums to implement these rigorous new Standards,” he said.


Richard Holden, MUW professor of education, wrote the grant proposal. He will also serve as one of the instructors during the program.


“It is critical that universities like MUW, with teacher education programs, develop plans and programs to help make the implementation of these standards successful,” Holden said.


The grant is funded by the U.S. Department of Education and Institutions of Higher Learning.


Technology such as iPad and Promethean board implementation will be the primary concern. These new technological teaching aids will help make learning fun for not only the students, but also the teachers.


The new Common Core State Standards for Mathematics are designed to engage students in real-life, problem- solving thinking.


“It is a source of pride that Mississippi has voluntarily stepped up to this challenge. Our students are brighter and more capable than we often give them credit. It is time for the image of education in Mississippi to change, and the new standards provide the pathway for this change,” Holden said.


The teachers participating will not only be receiving beneficial teaching knowledge, but they will also receive a stipend of $90 per day. They will also receive 10 CEU credits.