Faculty Spotlight: Shelley Moss

Shelley Moss Courtesy Photo

Jessica Cooper


It’s not all about the job for some people; it’s about what people get out of their work. Passion is one of the things that MUW alum, Shelley Moss, feels about her job. Moss said she feels connected to MUW in more ways than one. For her, MUW is like home, so being named the Director of Admis­sions was an incredible honor.  

Moss, a Northport, Ala. native, has been at MUW for almost 10 years.  

“It’ll be 10 years in July,” Moss said about her entire edu­cational and professional career here at MUW.  

“I started as a student ac­tually in August of 2000, I graduated in May of 2004 and I started working here in July of 2004,” Moss said.

She knows the ins and outs of this school. Being involved with the W has been very im­portant for Moss, as she has a family tradition connected to the university.

“My mother graduated from the W, and I had two aunts and uncle who attended here, so the W’s always been a big part of my life. I’ve always known about it and been on campus a lot, so it’s exciting to be here and work in a place that helped to educate a lot of members of my family,” Moss said about her family’s experiences at MUW.

Moss has deep roots in MUW’s soil so it is only fitting for her to be such a huge part of the admissions process.

“It’s a very humbling expe­rience,” Moss said about her role at MUW.

Her new position requires a lot of responsibility, but Moss is the right person for the job.

“I do a lot of different things. I mostly make sure that the folks here as far as the recruiters and the processers have what they need to do their jobs and go out and effectively recruit and get back with stu­dents pretty quickly. I do all the scholarship awarding and the event planning for prospective students coming to visit the campus. A lot goes into making sure that people have a good experience and leave the cam­pus with a good impression of the W,” Moss said about a few of the responsibilities that are involved with the admissions process.

She oversees four proces­sors, five admissions counsel­ors and nine student workers, along with her own work. This team is responsible for putting together college fairs, campus visits and private visits at dif­ferent high schools.

“We’ve been working closely with different offices on campus to make sure that students are getting a good experience on the front end and when they get here, what they have been told is going to hap­pen actually happens when they enroll,” Moss said.

Part of her job is making sure that each student who is interested in MUW gets the same attention and information. Consistency is a key point in the university’s admissions. Moss makes sure that each student gets the experience that they expect. Her new position as director of admissions reflects the dedica­tion she shows to the admissions program.

Moss tries to encourage students to keep an open mind when it comes to choosing their school.

“Keeping an open mind is really important, and making sure that you’re asking any kinds of ques­tions that come up,” Moss says about college recruitment.