Always research a movie to save time and money

Evan Fox

Entertainment Editor

A common problem with most moviegoers is figuring out which movies to see. Now that going to the theater is so expensive, people are afraid of picking a bad movie and wast­ing their money and time.

There are plenty of films to choose from every week­end, so a little research is needed to find out which movies suit someone’s standards.

Knowing what a movie is about is the important thing to figure out. Previews usually help, but they are pretty much highlight reels to get the viewer amped for the release.

Movies are marketed based on who is acting in them, so take advantage of it. Having a favorite actor or actress makes choosing a film easier, because you already have a taste of what kind of performance to expect. They are the face of the industry for a reason.

A quick visit to or even can give a better description of what you are paying for.

This also helps because you find out who is involved in the movie beyond the actors. If there is a favorite director or musician working on the film, you will have a general idea of the quality to expect based on their past works.

Critics can also have a lot of pull on any movie deci­sion. Most major critics tend to agree with each other to a certain degree when a film is released. However, do not take the reviews at face value.

Read the articles, avoid spoilers, and find out whether it was something the regular moviegoer would really notice. The best policy is read critics’ reviews for your favorite movie and listen to the ones you agree with most of the time. When a new batch of movies are released, there will be a review from someone with similar tastes.

Finally, it all comes down to the person’s interest. If they like campy B-movies, let them go see them. If they like blockbusters without much plot but a lot of action, have fun! Only they know what they like to watch.

There are many resources available to help make your life easier. Just a few minutes of research can save a lot of time and money when choosing a movie.