Man on the Street: The Fun in School Refund Checks at MUW

Daysha Humphrey


Mississippi University for Women’s students received their refund checks for this semester on Jan. 31. Most of the students on campus were excited about the checks, so The Spectator decided to go around campus and ask random students about what or how they were going to spend their school refund checks. Here are some of their replies.

• “I am saving money and investing in a more reliable vehicle,” said Jaye Mohammed, a business and management major from Chicago, Ill.

• “Pay my mother back for books,” stated Ramayla Ashford, an exercise science, pre-physical therapy major from Louisville, Miss.

• “I have helped my mom out with bills, saved some in case of emergency, and I went shopping,” stated Mia Watson, a speech pathology major from Columbus, Miss.

• “I probably won’t spend it. I will save it, and put it back,” said Emmanuel Johnson, an art major from Columbus, Miss.

• “Well, I actually split it between me and my mom, and I got myself a laptop and put the rest in my bank account,” stated Shadrica Edwards, a nursing major from Columbus, Miss.

• “Clothes and shoes and save a little,” said Gabby Bearden, a nursing major from Bruce, Miss.

• “I used my money wisely. I paid my phone bill, and gave half to my mother and some to my sister,” said JaTory Coburn, a teaching education major from Louisville, Miss.

• “Basically, I saved it,” stated Chinetha Howard, a public health major from Greenwood, Miss.

All of these students have spent or are spending their money in different ways. Some are having fun spending it, others are saving it. So, write and tell us how you will have fun with your refund.