Refund Man on the Street

Reagan Graham


In the midst of tests and research papers, one moment that everyone looks forward to when it comes to a new semester is receiving their refund checks. We set out to see what some of you have planned to use your refund checks on.

“I want to save it until I really need it or at least until I vacation somewhere nice enough to spend it,” said Angelisha Langford, a freshman majoring in nursing.

“I’m saving mine for food and other things I need to survive college, or things I need to buy for the clubs I’m involved in. Also, I will need to save it to buy some of my books for summer school and, of course, shopping,” said Alicia Chandler, a freshman majoring in nursing.

Well, I plan on buying my parents a special gift just because they're awesome, and I also plan on doing a little retail therapy. I'm going to use a portion of the money to go toward my spring break trip and the rest I'm going to put in the bank,” said Antonio Small, a junior communication major.

“Buying more chef’s clothes and presents for my future little in my social club. I’m also planning on saving some of it for my summer internship in Ireland,” said Kaci Faulk, a sophomore culinary major.
“I want to put mine towards my study abroad trip in May when I go to Ireland. I also need a new pair of glasses,” said Marissa Vaughan, a sophomore communication major.

“I’m going to help pay off some of my loans, but I mostly want to use it to fund my mission trip to Haiti,” said Cal Fleming, a junior marketing major.

“First I want to pay a couple of months on my car insurance and my cell phone bill. The rest will be spent on clothes, and I’ll be saving most of it for my spring break trip at the beach,” said Janna Ingan, a junior communication major.