Making the cut: 2014 boot camp

Kristina Dunigan


On Jan. 27, MUW launched its 2014 boot camp session. The program was inspired by instructor Morgan Sellers, who had previous experience in Jackson, Miss., with Paul Lacoste Sport’s boot camp. For a year, Sellers was involved in the program and found it very effective. She believed this was the kind of program that needed to be introduced to the W.

The program will last for five weeks and feature a wide variety of intense cardio, plyometric and strength training workouts, but it also helps with getting one into a routine. Sellers is a strong believer in muscle confusion and incorporates it into her sessions. She also encourages for the participants to keep food journals and do extra exercises outside of their sessions.

“I just want to show people that they are stronger than what they think,” Sellers states.

The program is still in the beginning stage, and so far only meets on Monday and Wednesdays. Sellers hopes to eventually make it a full-time program in order to open it up to others. This semester, 15 people are participating in the program. They include non-gym members, gym members, students and faculty.

“The biggest challenge so far is trying to run a mile, but I’m determined to get there while shedding a few pounds along the way,” said Kim Crowder from Oxford.

This program is dedicated to getting one on track to a healthier lifestyle and to making a difference in one’s self. More details will be released if there will be a future boot camp, so be on the lookout to see if this boot camp makes the cut, and make sure to sign up as soon as you can, as these slots will fill up fast.