Invest in a winter wardrobe to protect against the cold

Reagan GrahamKaty Davidson models a leather jacket from Schott NYC. Photo by Reagan Graham
Campus Editor

When it comes to dressing for these colder months, it usually results in winter clothes being slightly pricier than other seasonal pieces. Although I am an avid bargain shopper, I am also an advocate for investing money in necessary, quality pieces. Although I do most of my regular shopping at stores like Forever21, ASOS or thrift stores, I always try to invest in a couple of quality items every winter. This usually means I will splurge on a coat, boots or a pair of jeans.

Owning a great pair of jeans should be one of the first investments you make for your wardrobe. Don’t settle for a pair of jeans bedazzled with jewels on the pockets or a high waist if that isn’t your style. Having just one pair of high-quality jeans is something that can pull every outfit together without much effort from you.

Do your research and see where the best denim can be bought. Companies like Imogen + Willie, based out of Nashville, Tenn., carry a wonderful selection of denim and will create a pair of jeans just for your body. Their jeans are guaranteed to last for years and are worth every dime.

Another key item in everyone’s closet should be a flattering, high-quality jacket. This kind of purchase can wait until the colder months when there is a wider variety to choose from. If leather is your thing, look at places like Schott NYC and check out their huge selection of leather jackets that look and feel great. Also, look into some high-end chain companies like J Crew or Jos. A. Bank for blazers and trench coats. Coats can be layered with cardigans or add a scarf and a beanie. Most coats like these are made to last for years, and will most likely never go out of style.

Having a reliable pair of shoes is important for any time of year, especially if you plan on buying a new pair of boots. Luckily for savvy shoppers, popular department stores like Belk, Dillard’s and Nordstrom usually have a huge sale section where you can find a perfect pair of boots for a reasonable price. Look for well-known names like Steve Madden, Nine West or Lucky Brand. These labels are popular for a reason because they provide a quality product.

Do not completely rule out looking at full-priced shoes. You most likely will not regret purchasing a sensible pair of shoes.

It is very easy to settle for a cheap pair of shoes but always be mindful that cheap can also mean that they will fall apart after a few wears. Investing in a quality pair of shoes will usually result in them lasting for many years.

If you find an item that is slightly out of your price range but you really would like to see it in your closet, start to think about how the investment would benefit you. Try to decide if the item is just a fad or is it something that really fits your personal style and you know you will continue to wear it for years to come.

Also, be mindful if it is actually worth the money. Check the label on the inside and see what material it is made of. Many boutiques and shops will mark up items made from materials like polyester just because most shoppers won’t take the time to check or are ignorant about it. Research what the best materials are so you know what you are spending your money on.

Also, do not be afraid to shop online. Many department stores carry online exclusives for a discounted price. Shoppers at that particular site are going to be honest about their products and their experience with customer service and leave reviews.

Most companies also offer free shipping on returns if you are not happy with your purchase. Another benefit to shopping online is that if you are ordering out of state, you can usually avoid tax being added to your order. There are countless ways to add quality items to your wardrobe and always remember to research your options and know what you are buying.