What is everyone doing for Halloween?

Taelor Proctor


Halloween is not just a day out of the year. It is a holiday, and for some people, it is a holiday that they cannot wait for. Halloween is not just a holiday for children, but for adults as well.

So, how do MUW's students intended to spend their Halloween night?

"I am going to take my little brother trick-or-treating. He loves vampires, so that is what we will be going as," said Monica Grant, a freshmen music therapy major.

"I am going trick-or-treating. I’m taking my nephew, and he will be dressing up as Spiderman. We are going to go out to the Air Force base. I am also taking my two dogs with me. One of my dogs I will dress up like Pooh bear, and the other dog will be dressed up as Piglet," said Angel Sullivan a junior nursing major.

"I am hosting a Halloween party. I am not sure yet it if will be at the Premier Lounge or Tampico Bay yet. I’m pretty sure it will be at Tampico, though. I will be dressed up at Shaq O’Neal," said Brian Smith, a senior communication major.

"I will probably be working, but if I do not have to work, I have a few ideas in mind. I really want to dress up as Princess Leia, because we have the same name just spelled differently. My favorite costume ever was my Dorothy costume from "The Wizard of Oz," and my Indian girl outfit," said Leah Bentley a freshman music therapy major.

There are going to be many things going on this Halloween. It has been a while since Halloween has fallen on a Friday, and everyone who celebrates this spooky holiday is very excited. Have fun, but remember to be safe, don’t drink and drive, don’t eat too much candy, and be sure to have some fun!

Happy Halloween!