Wesley Foundation’s Gail Griffith changes lives

Velvet Case

Religion Editor

The Wesley Foundation has been making a difference in students' lives, but would not be able to do so without Gail Griffith.

Griffith, foundation director and campus minister, has been involved at Wesley for more than 15 years. She is an MUW graduate and a former junior high and high school math teacher.

She is fun loving and deeply cares about students and her position at Wesley. She goes out of her way to spend time with students and encourage them spiritually.

"My favorite memory of Gail (Griffith) would actually be several, and those would be all the times that she went out of her way to pour into my life and check in on me," shared Betsie MacLellan, a Wesley intern and English major. "Gail (Griffith) and I have had many one-on-one conversations, and I know that she is somebody I could go to for anything and everything."

When the Lord showed Griffith that she should take the position as director at the Wesley Foundation, she was not looking for a different job.

"I came because I knew it was what God wanted, but I wasn't exactly happy about moving at first," said Griffith.   

It did not take long for Griffith to adjust to the move back to MUW and realize how happy she was to be ministering at Wesley.

Since that time, Griffith has been encouraging students to learn more about God's character. 

"I have to depend on God for everything because I am not qualified," said Griffith. "Just when I think I can do it without Him, I am humbled and remember that it is only because of Him that I can do anything."

Because Griffith chose to obey God's direction and move back to Columbus, she is affecting many lives on campus every year.

"Gail (Griffith) is a very caring, mother-type figure for me at the W," expressed Cassidy DeGreen, a psychology major. "She (Griffith) actually meets me once a week to hear what's going on in my life and to pray for me and/or give me Godly advice, which means a lot."

Following God's direction has not only changed Griffith's life, but has also made a huge difference in the students at MUW.