Students find comfort behind the microphone

Charlie Benton

Entertainment Editor

It may be small at only 1,000 watts, but WMUW 88.5 The Edge, MUW’s campus radio station, broadcasts a wide variety of music to the surrounding area, and it gives students a chance to have their own weekly shows.

“Primarily, it’s a learning lab for the Department of Communication, to let students learn what it’s like to be on the air,” said Eric Harlan, the faculty advisor and station manager for WMUW, as well as an instructor in the department.

Harlan also explained that the station keeps three paid staff on hand:  the operations manager, the rock director and the hip-hop director. These three students work under Harlan to run the station.

“If someone is interested in doing a radio show, we show them how to use the equipment,” said Janna Ingan, a senior communication major from Bloomington, Ind., and the current hip-hop manager. “Another thing that I do is review new music to put into the rotation.”

“We get a lot [of music]. I try to screen as much as I can. I have to put it in the system as well,” said Ingan.

Ingan said that she looks for a good beat in potential music, as well as songs that make her stop and listen. Also, she said that she tries to upload more well-known songs from established artists in addition to the lesser-known tracks.

In addition to the managers, 11 D.J.’s broadcast nine shows with subject matter ranging anywhere from punk rock to techno.

“I get to be whatever I want to be. My radio personality is cooler than me, said Asia Duren, a sophomore communication major and the host of “The Honesty Hour.” “It’s kind of like showing off the best part of myself.”

“[I like] knowing that I have people listening to what I have to say,” said Ingan, who co-hosts “Top Notch Thursdays with Janna J and Big Daddy Ray” in addition to her managerial duties.

WMUW broadcasts on 88.5 FM, and is open to any eligible student, faculty, staff or alumni of The W. More information can be found on the station’s website