MUW Recreation Center is a sight to behold

By Zac Carlisle 

Copy Editor

I’ve been here at the W for four semesters, and I’ve only been to the campus recreational center a couple of times. It wasn’t until this semester that I decided to actually use the facility.

I like to exercise, so this summer I decided to dedicate myself to getting into top shape. I don’t have a really big gym at home, but after looking at the gym on campus, I knew that that was the place to be.

On my first day at school this semester, I walked into the Stark Recreation Facility and was awed at what I saw. It was a well-oiled machine. It has a space for cardio and free weights. It also has racquetball courts and a swimming pool. It was like I was in heaven. Before, I had never worked out at a gym beside my high school’s rundown one. That experience wasn’t very beneficial to me.

At some gyms, people are always staring at you and judging you by either how much weight you can lift or by how you look. This doesn’t happen at Stark. Everyone is too busy doing their own workout to worry about what others are doing. I think this is its greatest asset. Some people don’t participate in gym exercises because they are too self-conscience about themselves. I just keep telling myself to only worry about me. I feel like it helps, too.

Even though I’ve only been using the recreational center for two weeks, I’ve come up with an easy guide to using it.

The first tip is to get motivated! What are you using the center for? To get fit! If you are not motivated, then you are wasting your time being there.

The second tip is to always wipe down your stations with a towel. After I’m done using a machine or a station, I always wipe down my machine with a towel. I’m pretty sure nobody wants to slide off the bench because your sweat is on it. Gross!

The third tip is to not go overboard. If you are lifting weights, don’t try to lift more weight than you are capable of. Sometimes people want to look good for everyone else, but it only makes that person look silly.

The fourth tip is to keep your workout to yourself. Don’t grunt or scream whenever you are trying to work out. For example, if you are lifting too much weight and you begin to grunt trying to lift the weight, it will probably bother others.

The fifth and final tip is to just have fun. I’ve always been told if you are not having fun, then don’t do it. That is true. Go with a friend if it will make the experience more fun. I’ve seen several times where friends came to work out together. They seem to enjoy themselves.