Scarves, Leggings and boots! oh my!

Jeness Steen


It’s time to pull out your Uggs, scarves and oversized sweaters, ladies. Fall has finally arrived!

Not only is the weather beautiful, clothing seems to be as well. Southern women seem to have a love for adding a scarf to every outfit during this time of year. I didn’t hesitate to do so with mine, either.

I gave myself a $25 budget to come up with a stylish, fall outfit for when it gets much cooler in the months to come. I naturally headed over to my trusty side kick, Dirt Cheap! And of course, it didn’t fail me this time. I grabbed a chunky gray sweater, which is Target brand, for $5 and a floor length, black dress, also Target brand, for $7.

Including tax, this brought my total to $13.08 so far.

Next, I headed over to TJ Maxx. One of the best things that you can find at TJ Maxx is an adorable scarf. I lucked up and got a thick, cheetah print scarf for $4. I snagged this scarf for a total of $4.36 bringing my total so far to $17.44.

Before I left, I got a feeling that this outfit was not complete without a necklace so I headed over to Old Navy. They were having an amazing jewelry sale and I got a chucky chain and beaded necklace for a total with taxes of $2.18. This brought my entire total to $19.62 including tax!

This type of outfit would be pair well with a pair of ankle boots. Uggs would also work well when the weather permits.