New Name for hearin: the w leadership program

Zac Carlisle

Copy Editor

The Hearin Leadership Program which is known for its leadership development and community service is getting a new name and some changes.

“For the 2013-2014 academic year, there will be only minor changes to the program, the primary one being a change in name to the W Leadership Program,” said Jim Borsig, MUW president.

“We have been very fortunate to have the support of The Hearin Foundation in our leadership efforts for a number of years, allowing us to provide strong programming for the students who have participated. We are engaging in a process of defining a leadership framework that can benefit even more of our students. It’s an exciting opportunity to involve the business community, as well as our own faculty, staff and students, in determining goals and structure going forward,” he said.

Borsig is currently in the process of putting together a committee made up of local companies that will be involved in the program. He said he hopes to have this process done by early spring.

What does this mean for the current Hearin students? Borsig says the current leadership students will continue to adhere to their program and scholarship requirements.

“We are not certain yet of what changes will be beyond this academic year, but we do know that there will continue to be a Hearin Society that will function as a student organization with an emphasis on leadership. We also know there will be increased opportunities to study leadership and ethics in greater depth. Those students involved in the program will be informed every step of the way as changes are made,” Borsig said.

He mentioned that the leadership programs at MUW are some of the most important ones provided by the university.

"I highly value the W Leadership Program. The results of every university self-study over the past 25 years show that leadership development is a unique and valued element of a W education.” he said.