Alumni Spotlight: Elise Wilson

Katie Beard Wilson



MUW’s new coordinator of student activities, Elise Wilson, can be seen around campus most of the time. Unknown to most, she was actually a student at the W not too long ago. That’s right. She started her freshman year in August of 2004 and graduated in May of 2008 with a bachelors of arts in history.

Wilson was actively involved in campus organizations while attending the W.  She was a Hearin intern her junior and senior year, class cheerleader for Class Council, the president of the Silhouette Social Club and a member of the Aristos Honors Society and Student Programming Board. She said her favorite W memories came from all the preparation for events within these organizations, such as building bonds with other members getting ready for the Hearin high school conference or getting close with her Silhouette sisters through late night meetings and preparing for recruitment. But then the time came when she had to graduate and leave the W behind.

After graduation, she found a position working as a paralegal. She worked there for the next five years. She knew this wasn’t something she would want to do forever, so she continued to look for something she would feel more passionate about. After being a Hearin intern, she set out to look for a position at a university that might allow her to do something similar. Some would call it fate or maybe just coincidence, but it turned out MUW had an open position as the coordinator of student activities. This position would put her in charge of running all events associated with orientation, the Student Programming Board, Interclub, two-year council, local group council and class council. This was exactly the kind of career she had been searching for all along, so of course she applied. She got the position and is back at the W.

She is now married to Nathan Wilson, who is also an MUW alum. He graduated in 2007 with a degree in graphic design. They have a 22-month old daughter, Lena Catherine, or as they call her “Rhyn.” They also have two dogs, Bella Jane and Jonah Burt. She plans to go to graduate school through an online program at Mississippi College to get her master’s degree in higher education and administration.

Wilson said that her life has made a complete circle in every aspect. She started at the W and then ended up back here five years after her graduation. All of the organizations she was so involved in as a student, she is now in charge of and gets to continue being a part of those wonderful W traditions. She said she is very excited to be back on campus and doing the things she loves the most.

She gives advice to current W students.

“You will more remember the times you had with your friends, than the times spent in class or writing papers. So treasure the time you have with your college colleagues,” Wilson said.