"The Good Doctor"

Kandace Estes


The MUW Department of Theater’s production of “The Good Doctor” kept the audience laughing last week.

The play was performed from Nov. 7-9, and was directed by Lee Crouse, a visiting assistant professor in the theater department. Although it was written by an American author, it features the work of a Russian writer.

“Written by Neil Simon, it is based on some of Anton Chekov’s short stories. They are separated into vignettes. The overall storyline is the narrator, Chekov himself, as he frustratingly trying to think of ideas for new short stories. The vignettes are what he comes up with. Some are funny, some have crazy characters, and all are enjoyable to watch,” said Alison Miller, assistant stage manager.

After having watched the play on Thursday night, I will concur with Miller in her explanation of the play. The entire audience was tired from laughter by the end of the night.

What I thought was one of the funniest stories was “The Seduction.” The main character, Peter Semyonych, was played by Chris Ambrose. I don’t think a better person could have been found to play the part. Ambrose played the part of a man who was known as the best of the best when it came to seducing another man’s wife. The audience had the chance to see an example of his work in action. Up until the very end, he was successful with his master skills. Because of the response of the wife, he went on to never seduce another man’s wife ever again. 

The main character, Anton Chekov, was played by Tommy Parsons. Other MUW students in the play were the double roles performed by Gavin Mendus, Karen Thead, Na’Tosha De’Von, Chris Ambrose, Abigail Wiggins, Joseph Burns, Kevin Barkham, Ray Sizemore, Jonathan Best, Leah Thompson, and Parker Yarbrough.

The stage manager was Mary Wildsmith. David Carter, an associate professor in the theatre department, was scenic designer, technical director and lighting designer. Parker Yarbrough was in charge of props for the play, while recent theatre graduate Joseph Musgrove was the costume designer.

Crouse did a wonderful job directing “The Good Doctor.” He, along with the students, put forth much effort and time entertaining the people of Columbus this past weekend.