Oktoberfest bachelor and bachelorette bidding

Velvet Case


The Student Government Association is sponsoring a fun way for students to give and receive at the same time.

During Oktoberfest, the young men and women of MUW will have the opportunity to bid on their favorite bachelor or bachelorette. The student who places the highest bid on a participant will get to go on a date with that person. The money raised will be donated to the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi.

Not only do students get to participate in supporting a worthy cause, but they also get a chance to go out with the student of their choice. The SGA is going to visit local restaurants to ask for gift certificate donations. The students who make the highest bids will receive one of the gift certificates for their date.

There are no qualifications for a student who wishes to participate as a bachelor or bachelorette. All a student has to do is fill out an application on the MUW campus or online. Those who apply should arrive at Oktoberfest nicely dressed.

Young men and women from neighboring colleges and the Columbus Air Force Base are encouraged to participate as bachelors and bachelorettes. MUW students do the bidding.

The bidding is conducted somewhat like an auction. Students in the crowd can call out dollar amounts to bid on whomever they choose.

“Some will take it serious, and some will just play,” said Robert Cole, a culinary arts major.

In past years there have been students who called out bids with no intention of actually participating, just for the fun of it. However, this is an opportunity to get to know other students while giving money to a worthy cause at the same time.

“It’s a good way to get involved and give back,” said Quinterra Wright, a public health major.

The SGA has plans to make this year’s event bigger and better than ever before. Word of mouth is the best way for students to find out about this exciting opportunity of which they can be a part.

 Oktoberfest is on Friday, Oct. 18, at 4 p.m. on Shattuck Lawn. Applications for being a bachelor or bachelorette will be accepted up until the week of Oktoberfest.