Po Bronson gives life lessons at the gala

Julessa Oglen

Managing editor  

Finding purpose and meaning in life was the focus of Po Bronson’s speech at Friday night’s Welty Gala. Bronson was the speaker at MUW’s annual fundraiser dinner for the Eudora Welty Chair of Humanities.

Several distinguished guests from the Golden Triangle area went to the gala along with the Welty Symposium writers and the students from the Ina E. Gordy Honors College.

The event was held in the Hogarth Pope Banquet room at 7 p.m., and guests were served a three-course meal by Sodexo dining services.

Bronson gave the audience a glimpse into his personal life and some reasons why he decided to write his book “What should I do with my life” and his other self-help books.

“Making up stuff was too easy, and I wanted to walk in someone else’s shoes and tell the truth, the real truth,” said Bronson.

When he was in college he noticed that people had a plan for their life after graduation, and he realized that he did not have one, which was the inspiration for his best-selling book.

He gave some advice to students to apply to their lives and their future endeavors.

“All the greatest accomplishments start with taking risk, and sometimes there are multiple ways to get to your destination. You just have to take some risks in your life,” said Bronson.

His advice was widely received by first-time attendees from the honors college.

“It was inspirational and very insightful. I got to speak with him earlier and realized he was down to earth. He opened my eyes,” said Asia Duncan a freshman at MUW.

“I have never been to an event like this before where I am able to meet with famous authors. This has been a great opportunity,” said Allie Burt, also a freshman at MUW.

Welty Symposium speaker L. Lamar Wilson, the author of “Sacrilegionenjoyed the event as well.

“I have not been in a more welcoming environment and community than I have been here at MUW. My work has been well received here, and the people are so receptive. It was so wonderful that people had already read my book and asked questions about it,” said Wilson.

The evening was a success and ended with a book signing with Po Bronson.