Scaredy cat, scaredy cat

Zac Carlisle


Copy Editor


Growing up, I’ve never been into the Halloween festivities as my peers were. As a kid, I was terrified of the thought of vampires and monsters. I remember going to a Burger King when I was young, and I got a vampire toy with my meal. I was scared for a couple of days because I thought I would see a vampire in my room trying to suck my blood.


My dad used to watch scary movies, or at least they were in my opinion, such as “The Mummy” and “Men In Black.” I would cover my eyes whenever I saw the scary parts.        

I still don’t like watching scary movies to this day. The last scary movie that I saw was probably five years ago.


Even though I wasn’t into Halloween as much as the others, I did go trick-or-treating. Probably my favorite costume was as a blue Power Ranger. I also went as a gargoyle from the cartoon series “Gargoyles.” I had inflatable wings and a mask. I thought I was so cool.  


 However, I never went as a monster or a scary character. Probably because the smell of a plastic mask and fake blood made me want to vomit.


I didn’t live in a close-knit community or a suburban, so me and my brother would have our parents carry us to neighbors’ houses. We were only allowed to go to houses that we knew. We would also always go to the houses of our family.


Even as a 22-year old, I’m still not into the Halloween experience. I like the time of year because it is the most exciting part of the year. There is the weather cooling down, football, and this time of year means Christmas is steadily approaching with all kinds of fun.


While some enjoy the Halloween season, it just has never been something I enjoy. So please don’t try to scare me, because I will probably scream like a little girl.