august graduation plan in the works for muw

Julessa Olgen


Managing Editor


December graduation is drawing near and graduates are excited about moving on to the next chapter of their lives, but before they can take that next step they have to walk across The W’s stage


 Because space is limited in Rent Auditorium, which is located in Whitfield Hall, only five tickets are allotted to graduates to give to family and friends. When those tickets run out,they become the hot items for students to buy.


 To accommodate the large crowds there are two ceremonies in an academic year, but that may change to three in the 2014-2015 academic year.


According to Dr. Marty Hatton, Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs, the university is currently discussing adding an August graduation to provide the greatest flexibility to students and their families.


The College of Nursing and Speech-Pathology is steadily growing and the way the college now admits nursing students there will no longer be a large group graduating in May.


“If the August graduation works well, this might eliminate one of the ceremonies in May,” said Hatton.


“Faculty members will not be required to attend the August ceremony because it will take place before school starts, but representation from faculty from all of the colleges would be preferred,” he said.


Other changes that will go into effect for graduation are that students will not be able to walk if they have not finished all of their course requirements.


For the upcoming graduation, if students lack one or two classes they will have to walk in the May ceremonies. 


Although the August graduation is not yet official, some graduates would be very pleased if it does take place.