jeans for justice

Jessica Doss 


Silence was spreading through the air as students expressed their thoughts and feelings with words and symbols, contributing to the healing process for people who have lost a loved one, are survivors of gender violence or care about someone who is. 

Jeans 4 Justice is a social change organization dedicated to eradicating sexual violence by educating and mobilizing young people and communities. 

According to statistics, one out of every six American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime.

Jeans were hanging on clotheslines on the MUW campus to help spread the word out against violence of any gender and race.

The display set up Oct. 10 on the MUW campus by Sirena Cantrell, MUW interim dean of students and director of housing and residence life. The jeans were displayed throughout the day to give others the opportunity to read and see that domestic violence is a serious matter.

Craig Watson, a counselor at the MUW Counseling Center, encouraged everyone to participate in the event so that they can create a safe atmosphere on campus for students and staff.

“This event gives students and staff a chance to speak against any type of violence that they have experience,” Watson said.

Every pair of jeans told a story: “Rape Does Not Discriminate” --- “Stand Up” --- “She was judged” --- “We are Humans.”

Brittany Johnson, 23, stopped by the Jeans 4 Justice event to participate.

“I never experienced domestic violence myself, but I have a friend who has been through somethings. I wanted to express my concerns, and I thought this would do something good. I used the words, ‘Peace and Understanding.’”  

“We thought this would be good ideals, since this is a college campus and we have women and men attending the university. We just want to create a safe environment for everyone,” said Watson.