Internships in Washington, D.C.

Taelor Proctor


The MUW Political Science Department has a great internship opportunity for students.

The Washington Center, or TWC, sets students up with internship opportunities in Washington, D.C. This specific internship started in the summer of 2010. During the last four summers MUW has been able to send students to Washington.

The past two summers two MUW students have been part of the program, but during the first two summers there was one student sent each summer. It is a very expensive program that costs about $10,000, and officials said the only way MUW can afford such an expensive program is because the state of Mississippi has offered $7,500 per public university to send a student on this internship.

"I don't know who exactly authorized this money, but I need to find out so I can send them a thank you letter for such a generous amount," said Brian Anderson, professor of political science.

The students also get a little bit of money from the political science internship fund which is financed through the MUW Foundation. Students have to cover the rest of the costs themselves. The students not only do an internship, but they also take part in a seminar while in Washington. The internship, seminar, and the student's apartment is paid for with the $10,000. However, the students are responsible for their food and transportation.

"Amazingly not all universities use their money, which is why I have been able to send two students instead of one for the last couple summers," said Anderson.

Students end up receiving nine academic credits for the whole experience of this program. Six credits are given for the internship, and three credits are given for the academic seminar, which is held by a speaker in Washington. The seminar is taught like a college class, and the students are required to do readings and write a paper.

"It is quite an experience for these students and a great opportunity as well," said Anderson. "This experience is much richer than anything else I can provide for my students, and I am thrilled to have this opportunity to send these students to D.C."

This program not only offers students an opportunity to have an actual experience with politics, but it also gives them great opportunity for employment when they return.